So on my last post I talked about what was the beginning of the problem for me,now let’s talk about how I got diagnosed.

So as already mentioned I’m in work doing my steer’y drive’y thingy and ended up having to go home because I’m doubled up with cramps.So I end up going to see my doctor and explain my symptoms so he checks me out and tells me I need to get some tests done.

Now you all know what’s coming next right? Yeah you guessed right a serious of scans ,xrays, and drinking some weird gloopy stuff that looks lik it belongs in a bad Sci-fi movie,and that’s before we even get to the fun part yes the colonoscopy. Ah yes there’s nothing funner than having a camera stuck up your butt, I have to say thankfully they put me out for that bit. The hardest part was drinking the prep, a forced detox that would have you slimmer than a wafer biscuit.

So I get this done regretting that I didn’t buy shares in a toilet roll factory, and had the wonderful news told to me that I had Crohns.

I’m Brendan Somers and this has been some of my story.


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