I am writing this to share some of my experiences that I have had with Crohns.

High my name Is Brendan Somers and this is some of my story.

Chapter 1


It’s all in the genes they say but I’m not talking Wranglers or Levis but your Genetic make-up [no not lipstick and powder] but your Auto Immune System.

You see most peoples Immune systems work in balance with their bodies [ie] you get an infection Immune system kicks in fights infection and then stops.But oh no I got the sport’s car of Immune systems [ie] get infection [we’re under starters orders] Immune system fires up and we’re off racing for the finish to fight off the infection, but wait here’s the finish line and we’ve won Harrah, but wait were not stopping we’re going too keep on going and now something has changed, now we have become Hannibal the Cannibal and look at all those juicy intestines and I’m kinda hungry

You see this is what Crohns is like, a juggernaut, Superman without any Kryptonite to stop him.

It keeps going till you end up in a situation where you ” need a toilet stat nurse”.

You see this is part of how I feel living with crohns.

I’m Brendan Somers and this has been part of my story.


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