The drugs,the drugs,the drugs, we all know some of the prescribed drugs for the treatment of crohns and I’ve been on quite a few so much so at times I felt like I was in an episode of ‘Breaking Bad’. The truth is that they don’t all work for everyone as the Verve said ‘The Drugs Don’t Work’ which is what happened to me with some of the treatments that I’ve been on.

Although I can’t remember the names of every drug I’ve tried I do remember two,Buscopan and Deltacortril. Now I want to talk specifically about the Deltacortril, because this really had a major impact on me,my family and my life in general.

First came the cravings like a pregnant lady, then came the puffy face and hands, and lastly the anger, the mood swings, and the depression. To Say it affected me badly is an understatement,it got to the stage where I began to shut myself away from everyone and everything in fact life became quite hairy for a while. It wasn’t until I came off the drug that I returned to some semblance of what for me was normality.

I will at some point talk about what has sort of worked for me, but for now,

I’m Brendan Somers and this has been some of my story.


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