via Daily Prompt: Controversy

Lately the world it’s self has been shrouded in Controversy, be it doping scandals, election rigging, Hacking or dangerous saber rattling in some Asian country, the  custodians of free thinking peoples of the world have lost their way.

They are our leaders both political, community   and religious our bearers of light, freedom and democracy and I feel they have lost their way.

For those of you across the pond we in Ireland recently had our own fair share of Controversy with the discovery of hundreds of infant and babies bodies discovered in a sceptic tank of a baby and mothers home in Co Sligo  in Ireland. A local women had been pursuing the truth for years and had gathered statements from survivor’s and past employees of the home. It is my belief that those responsible at the highest level where aware  of what was happening and turned a blind eye to what was going on. We owe it to ourselves and future generations that all our leaders whoever they may be  held accountable for those who work on their behalf and that they should govern with the most clarity and honesty that democracy demands, for they are our bearers of light too guide us in an ever darkening world.


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