So recently I talked about diagnosis and treatment, but in this post I want to explain how it came to the point where I ended up on the old butcher’s block.

As I explained in an earlier post I had just started a new job as a bus driver and had passed my medical when soon after the symptom’s started to show. Gradually these would eventually grow in both intensity and frequency  which would lead to problems for me with regards to my work.

After  being diagnosed with Crohn’s and several treatments later it was clear to both myself and my doctors that something wasn’t right. To explain what it was like is difficult to put into words but here goes, try to imagine if you will a hose pipe with the water running  unobstructed through it.Now imagine putting your foot gently on the pipe just enough to stop some of the flow of  the water, listen as the water gurgles and splutters trying to flow through the pipe. Now imagine if you will the hose pipe as your intestines trying to push your food waste through that pipe and you will get some idea of the pain I was in at times. Now I’m not trying to come across all serious and intense but people who don’t have the disease don’t understand what it can be like living with Crohn’s.

So eventually after again many test’s and drinking of space alien gloopy stuff, it was discovered that I had quite a blockage in my intestines which had to be removed and then they would rejoin the healthy intestines together. This lead to six months out of work and eventually recovering and getting back to doing my drive’y steer’y  thingy. Ah well you know what they say ‘No Gut’s No Glory’.



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